September 29th, 2014

Climate Week NYC
Photo Show


A slideshow of Climate Week NYC, including: the Beyond Meat Meat Free Monday Pledge Brunch, the People's Climate March, the Equator Awards, and the Meatless Monday Global Summit... Read More

The With or Without
Meat Cookbook
By Jackie Newgent


In the With or Without Meat Cookbook there are two sides to every recipe—veggies up for Meatless Monday, meat up for another day... Read More

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Dinner Recipe of the Week


Cam Gordon, a member of the Minneapolis City Council, recently issued a proclamation urging residents to observe Meatless Monday. Here’s the dirt.

darby meatless

Actress Darby Stanchfield of ABC’s Scandal Does Meatless Monday: Citing environmental reasons to go MM, she encourages her fans to join in as well. Here’s the dirt.

mfm video

Paul McCartney & Meat Free Monday Launch MFM Song: Thousands of collaborators from across the globe come together to celebrate 5 years of MFM. Here’s the dirt.

meatless cleveland

Cleveland Welcomes MM: A recently drafted resolution supporting Meatless Mondays in Cleveland was signed into order by Mayor Frank Jackson. Here’s the dirt.

Laurie David

National Mushroom Month Draws Near: Get the free mushroom cookbook from the Mushroom Council and be prepared. Here’s the dirt.