March 19th, 2018

Meatless Monday Is One of Many Ways to Celebrate World Water Day!

Meatless Monday is always excited to bring you great plant-based recipes that are delicious and healthy. But another reason to go meat-free one day a week is for the health of the planet! March 22 is World Water Day, a global day of recognition to spread awareness of ways to preserve the world’s water supply

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Tap into the Power of Plants with Meatless Monday’s Plant Protein Power!

One of the frequent questions posed by people choosing to eat meatless foods on Meatless Monday is “Will they get enough protein?” Indeed, it’s possible to easily get a full day’s protein without eating meat, and plant-based protein is an excellent choice. Meatless Monday is thrilled to announce its Plant Protein Power package, which outlines how easy and healthy it is to choose plant proteins!

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Dinner Recipe of the Week


TGI Fridays Launches Vegan Menu Items Across UK RestaurantsTGI Fridays has been making headlines recently with the launch of the vegan Beyond Burger patty and a Meatless Monday promotion in U.S. locations. Now, it’s bringing an entirely new range of vegan menu options to its UK locations.

Carbon Tax

The Case for a Carbon Tax on BeefA team of French scientists believe a carbon tax on beef could help the European Union meet climate change targets.

Tesco Wicked Kitchen

Tesco Launches Entirely Vegan RangeTesco has jumped on the vegan bandwagon with “Wicked Kitchen,” a new plant-based brand complete with ready meals, sandwiches and salads.


Silicon Valley and the Search for Meatless MeatStartups are looking at new ways to make meat without animals.


Meat of the Matter:A Municipal Guide to Climate-Friendly Food Purchasing