September 18th, 2017

Slow Food and Meatless Monday: Cooking Up a Better Future

Get ready for a countrywide Meatless Monday! Next week, on September 25, Meatless Monday and Slow Food USA are teaming up for the Cook Up a Better Future initiative. Restaurants and chefs across the nation will create and serve delicious, plant-based meals putting three unsung ingredients in the spotlight. In the combined efforts of promoting biodiversity in food and reducing meat consumption, Cook Up a Better Future seeks to bring diners to the table for a great movement for food and the environment

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Meatless Monday Supports Goya’s “Can Do” Campaign to Fight Hunger

Meatless Monday is very proud to join Goya Foods as it launches its new “Can Do” campaign. The campaign, which kicked off in June, seeks to fight hunger by matching food purchases with donations to those in need. Goya will send food donations to Feeding America for every purchase of a featured product every month. As part of the campaign, Meatless Monday will feature recipes using Goya’s “Can Do” products

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Dinner Recipe of the Week

Beyond Meat

TGI Fridays Looks to Beef Up Menu Options with the Plant-Based Beyond Burger®The Iconic American Bar & Kitchen Taps Plant-Based Thought Leader to Help Reach Health-Conscious Consumers.

Nutrition Letter

Will Limiting Red Meat Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s?A Western-style diet, which tends to be high in meat, is linked with increased risk of dementia.

Ocean Hugger

Whole Foods adding plant-based tuna sub to sushi barWhole Foods Market will add a plant-based, raw tuna alternative to its fresh sushi bars in the New York City and Los Angeles markets in October.

Organic Authority

Is Vegan the New Organic? Plant-Based Foods Top $3.1 Billion in Sales


Sustainable Practices Enhance Quality at Memorial Sloan KetteringIn addition to sustainability practices, like Meatless Monday, the Cancer Center’s Food and Nutrition Services department initiatives include adapting sous vide cooking techniques and a new cooks’ training program.