September 28th, 2015

United Nations to End Hunger by 2030: Eating Less Meat is Key

End Hunger with Less Meat

This week the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit made eliminating world hunger by 2030 an official goal for the next 15 years. One of the top changes experts recommend reducing red meat consumption around the world. Read More

Start Your Day with Protein on Meatless Monday

Start Your Day with Protein on Meatless Monday

A healthy breakfast can help you power through your busy day with focus, clarity, and energy. Whether you’re looking for more stamina, working on staying focused, or trying to lose weight, a nutritious breakfast can be the key to success. Read More

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Dinner Recipe of the Week

SaladSome call salad overrated rabbit food… they couldn’t be more wrong! Salad is more than leaves and dressing – much more. Here is the dirt.

Dulse - the Bacon Seaweed

A seaweed that tastes like bacon? This seaweed has been making waves in the news for being as nutritious as kale and as tasty as bacon. Here is the dirt.

Shifting the Protein Focus

Can restaurants keep up with meatless demand? This new report shows diners want more meatless menu items, but they might have to look beyond the restaurant to get them. Here is the dirt.

The Summer of Love was back in 1967, but Ellen Kanner thinks a plant-based party in Pittsburgh will make this the Summer of Veggie Love. Here is the dirt.


11% of Stanford undergrads have pledged to forgo meat on Mondays. Why this trend toward vegetarian foods? Is the ‘Favorite Vegan-Friendly Large College” really Stanford? Here is the dirt.


Can a hotdog bar go Meatless on Mondays? The Wurst bar in Cincinnati is trying it, with the Tofu you Face.  Here is the Dirt.