Dinner Recipe of the Week


food0451354808472Millennials lead the way to a meatless holiday… Millennials are global trendsetters, could they make meatless holiday meals a tradition? Here is the dirt.

Dos Caminos

Learn to cook meatless in NYC… Dos Caminos’ Chef Ivy Stark and C-CAP are hosting a Meatless Monday cooking class on November 16! Here is the dirt.


Oprah’s investing in healthier eating… the long-time Meatless Monday supporter wants to “inspire people to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.” Here is the dirt.

President Harry Truman operates a movie camera during a picture-taking session on the south grounds of the White House, Oct. 5, 1947. The subjects were members of the White House News Photographers' Association, who presented the movie camera and a still camera to the president in a brief ceremony. Others are unidentified. (AP Photo/Harvey Georges)

Cutting back on meat is nothing new… FDR started Meatless Monday, and Truman pitched the idea on television as a way to feed the world. Here is the dirt.

Dulse - the Bacon Seaweed

A seaweed that tastes like bacon? This seaweed has been making waves in the news for being as nutritious as kale and as tasty as bacon. Here is the dirt.