June 18th, 2018

Forget the Stove! Beat the Heat with Meatless Monday’s No-Cook Summer Recipe Videos

With temperatures rising, the last thing you want to do is cook at a hot stove. Now, with Meatless Monday’s no-cook summer recipe videos you don’t have to. Using fresh ingredients, you can make delicious easy-to-prepare meals. No sweat! Ingredients like tofu, chickpeas, and loads of fresh veggies make these recipes smart and nutritious

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Celebrate Men’s Health Month: Q & A with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

Mr. Adams sat down with Meatless Monday to discuss his very personal journey to a plant-based diet and his commitment to educate Brooklynites and the world about the connection between diet and health

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Dinner Recipe of the Week


Study Shows 43 Million Americans Are Choosing Plant-Based ProteinNPD’s study revealed that 14 percent of Americans, the equivalent to 43 million consumers, regularly choose plant-based alternatives to animal protein, and 86 percent of this 43 million do not even identify as being vegetarian or vegan.


What is the true cost of eating meat?The Guardian looks at the global impact of the meat industry


The solution to climate change might be in your fridgeReducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to mean ditching your car or other drastic measures


Third of early deaths could be prevented by everyone giving up meat, Harvard saysDr Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard Medical School said the benefits of a plant-based diet had been vastly underestimated.

70% Ditching Meat

70% of the World’s Population is Ditching Meat, Says New ReportForbes notes that the movement “appears to be bigger than any one generation.”