Dinner Recipe of the Week

vending machine

Vending machines aren’t usually the epicenter of healthy eating: But in Scotland, there’s a new type of vending machine that eschews processed foods. Here’s the dirt.


Ellie Krieger keeps it healthy & hip at holiday parties: see how she can plate the right vegetables and dips that’ll draw the eyes of would-be cocktail-weenie eaters. Here is the Dirt.


Wholesome Wave, a nonprofit organization that advocates for access to better food in low-income neighborhoods writes a prescription for vegetables. Here is the dirt.


For the past three years, California has been battling drought. Amongst other strategies for water preservation, locals have also embraced Meatless Monday. Get the dirt.

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St. Margaret’s school in Victoria, BC has decided to do Meatless Monday. And they’ve put a great video together to show how the initiative is working on their campus.  Here is the dirt.

Paul McCartney

Paul on cutting the meat, one day a week: “It’s an easy—and quite pleasant—thing to do. It really will make a difference and is something where everyone can contribute to their children’s future.” Here’s the dirt.