January 22nd, 2018

The Best Brands to Make Meatless Monday Effortless

It’s not hard to go plant-based one day a week, but having lots of vegetarian and vegan options at the grocery store makes it a lot easier. When you’re planning your Meatless Monday meals, reach for any of the brands listed below. They pride themselves on wholesome, natural ingredients – that you can pronounce – and are all great additions to any meat-free plate. With this many choices, going Meatless Monday is simple!

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18 Vegetarian and Vegan Celebrities Who Make the Case for Meatless Monday

If you are aware of the benefits of cutting out meat once a week in favor of three plant-based meals on Monday, you know that it doesn’t just improve your health – it does the environment a lot of favors as well. Meatless Monday is the perfect way to make your diet more plant-based and try out delicious recipes that put fruits, vegetables, and other sources of protein in the spotlight. But if you still need convincing, here are some familiar folks who can tell you how going meat-free has had a positive impact on their lives

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Dinner Recipe of the Week

Tesco Wicked Kitchen

Tesco Launches Entirely Vegan RangeTesco has jumped on the vegan bandwagon with “Wicked Kitchen,” a new plant-based brand complete with ready meals, sandwiches and salads.


Silicon Valley and the Search for Meatless MeatStartups are looking at new ways to make meat without animals.


Meat of the Matter:A Municipal Guide to Climate-Friendly Food Purchasing

Plant Based

‘Plant-Based’ Will Be The Hottest Food Trend Of 2018: ReportRestaurant consultancy group Baum + Whiteman in New York has named “plant-based” the food trend of 2018.

Plant-Based News

World Scientists Warn: Time Is Running Out – We Must Move Toward Plant Based FoodsWorld scientists have issued a second ‘warning to humanity’, 25 years after their first notice, urging the population to shift toward plant-based foods in a bid to avoid environmental destruction.