April 20th, 2015

Entertainment that Educates: The Meatrix, Relaunched.


The Meatrix Relaunched, the latest in the Meatrix series, spreads the word about the Eat Well Guide, a free, online directory of 25,000 sustainable farms, restaurants, food co-ops and farmers' markets. Read More

Join Meatless Monday in Celebrating Earth Day 2015


If you're looking for something you can do on Earth Day to show your love for the planet, Meatless Monday is a great place to start. Read More

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Dinner Recipe of the Week


Can a hotdog bar go Meatless on Mondays? The Wurst bar in Cincinnati is trying it, with the Tofu you Face.  Here is the Dirt.

In ‘The Secret (Sex) Life of Vegetables’ Ellen Kanner suggests meat may slow you down in the bedroom while vegetables like arugula and carrots can up your game.  Here is the Dirt:

veggie kidWe all know vegetables are good for kids.  And that kids don’t really like them. The Huffington Post has tips for getting kids to like vegetables. Here is the dirt.


The Spicy Foodie breaks it down: What were the most popular Meatless Monday recipes of 2014? And are they still en vogue? Find out. Here is the dirt.

vending machine

Vending machines aren’t usually the epicenter of healthy eating: But in Scotland, there’s a new type of vending machine that eschews processed foods. Here’s the dirt.


Ellie Krieger keeps it healthy & hip at holiday parties: see how she can plate the right vegetables and dips that’ll draw the eyes of would-be cocktail-weenie eaters. Here is the Dirt.