November 24th, 2014

The Israeli Parliament
Meatless Monday


Meatless Monday is now served up at the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) cafeteria. This achievement—the labor of Meatless Monday Israel’s founder Miki Haimiovich and MK Rabbi Dov Lipman—was over a year in the making... Read More

The Vegetable-Side
of Thanksgiving


Let’s lay our stuffing on the table—on Thanksgiving Day in most households, the turkey is king. And that’s perfectly fine. But don’t forget to sing those unsung heroes—those yams, those string beans and carrots, those salads and casseroles... Read More

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Dinner Recipe of the Week

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St. Margaret’s school in Victoria, BC has decided to do Meatless Monday. And they’ve put a great video together to show how the initiative is working on their campus.  Here is the dirt.

Paul McCartney

Paul on cutting the meat, one day a week: “It’s an easy—and quite pleasant—thing to do. It really will make a difference and is something where everyone can contribute to their children’s future.” Here’s the dirt.


Wondering what wine to pair with Meatless Monday? John Wilson, wine correspondent with The Irish Times offers some advice. Here is the dirt.


Regent Park College in Oxford puts it to a vote: Next Term the School is doing Meatless Monday. “…The community has made a firm statement of its values and beliefs.” Here is the dirt.


NASA issues a report global warming is already here: But we are not powerless, cutting back on meat is a win-win situation. It’s good for you and it’s good for the planet. Here is the dirt.


Dougie Dudgeon from non-profit organization While You Were Sleeping, and Brett Thompson from Meat Free Mondays talk about the documentary CowspiracyHere is the dirt.