August 18th, 2014

Milton Glaser Creates
a Logo for
Climate Change


Milton Glaser, a renowned graphic designer has given us another icon. The first logo that made him famous [I heart NY] was intended to create pride and encourage New York City tourism. This new logo puts a face on climate change, demands attention, and calls for action.

New Study Confirms
Continued Rise
of the Flexitarian Diet


There is a global dietary trend toward a more ecologically friendly diet called flexitarianism. Flexitarians, sometimes called a semi-vegetarians, actively seek to reduce the amount of meat they consume.

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Laurie David

National Mushroom Month Draws Near: Get the free mushroom cookbook from the Mushroom Council and be prepared. Here’s the dirt

Laurie David

For Your MM Recipe File: Meatless Monday’s good friend, Laurie David, shows us how to make crispy and delicous Quinoa Cakes. Here is the dirt


3 years the champion: the Cinnamon Snail food truck has one again bagged the trophy for best vegetarian food truck of the year. If you’re in NY, go find them. Here’s the dirt


1 Trip to the Grill Equals 3 Meals: At least according to Alice Matthias. See how grilled vegetables turn to panzanella, to gazpacho, in just a few delicious steps. Here’s the dirt.

TakePart Logo

Less Meat, Better World: put together a post to show how Meatless Monday can change the world. Did you know “A year of ‘Meatless Mondays’ saves 65,000 gallons of water”? Get the Dirt