Meatless Monday Articles

New Book Moves Veggies to the Center of the Plate

February 13th, 2014

Nutritional muse Lora Krulak introduces exciting flavors that even hard-core carnivores will find hard to resist

A Hobo Stew for the
Late, Great Pete Seeger

February 10th, 2014

Edgy Veggie columnist Ellen Kanner has penned a moving tribute to folk legend Pete Seeger, who died two weeks ago at the age of 94. It amounts to a rousing celebration of both food and music, and their ability to effect positive social change. In Kanner’s candid view, preparing a meal should call for the

Meatless Monday
Goes to India

February 10th, 2014

In the decade since its inception, Meatless Monday’s influence has been felt around the globe—even in countries, like India, with predominantly vegetarian populations. Meatless Monday’s founder, Sid Lerner, spoke with veteran reporter Shonali Muthalaly at India’s leading English daily The Hindu to discuss the movement’s humility, flexibility, and improbable success.

“It’s a really incredible thing for

A Russian Salad in Honor of Sochi

February 10th, 2014

If the combination of high-def athleticism plus big-screen technology isn’t quite transporting you to Sochi in the way you were promised, try refueling with this classic Russian dish: a vegetarian zakuski, or tapa, that mixes roasted beets, chopped walnuts, and warm seasonings. Just don’t attempt a triple Axel afterwards.

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Going Meatless on Valentine’s Day

February 10th, 2014

Many couples feel pressured to turn Valentine’s Day (and night) into a marquee event, complete with fancy restaurants and flowing champagne. But such expectations can lead to a drained wallet and tight waistline the next day.

This year, why not cook up an intimate dinner for your loved one at home? Bonus points if

A Hearty Chili to Combat the Cold

February 10th, 2014

This hearty chili comes to us from Hector Perez, an aspiring teen chef who submitted the recipe through our friends at the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP). C-CAP leads several initiatives designed to provide scholarships, education and career opportunities in the culinary arts to underserved youth. Hector’s dish is a past winner, and you’ll

Ask the RD:
Striving Towards
Heart Healthiness

February 10th, 2014

February is National Heart Month, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, what better time to show our appreciation? Meatless Monday has compiled a new cookbook to celebrate the occasion:  We ♡ Comfort Food: Heart-Healthy Meatless Monday Recipes. In anticipation of its release, we sat down with Diana Rice, Meatless Monday’s Registered Dietitian, to discuss all things

Philippine Beauty Pageants to Emphasize
Meatless Monday

February 10th, 2014

Beauty pageant winners are often bestowed with grand ambassadorial titles: Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Intergalactic. We accept these designations without much thought. It’s just for fun, right? But two new pageants in the Philippines are turning that assumption on its head, using the lofty language of a traditional pageant to encourage environmental activism among its

High School Student
Campaigns for Meatless Monday

February 3rd, 2014

“One of my future goals is to make Meatless Monday district-wide,” explains Danielle Moskowitz. “The program would be great for younger kids in the elementary and middle schools.”

Like many Meatless Monday proponents, Moskowitz is often thinking at the macro level. She leverages a growing network of contacts to implement the initiative wherever she can. Her contacts include school administrators,

Author Rachel Meltzer Warren
Proves a Smart Guide

February 3rd, 2014

Forget chaperoned dances, unfortunate voice breaks, and the vicissitudes of 8th grade soccer: the real teenage challenge may be trying to go meatless. Rachel Meltzer Warren knows this better than most, having been a vegetarian since she was 12 years old. That’s why, as an adult, she felt the need to offer a comprehensive

Three Meatless Meals to Shore Up Your Roster

February 3rd, 2014

It happens to us, too: one new recipe begets another, and before we know it we’ve gone not just Meatless Monday but Meatless Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well. But fear not—these fast and easy dishes will have you set for the next several meatless meals.

So cook away!

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Mac and Cheese Gets a Meatless Makeover

February 3rd, 2014

The last few years have seen a tremendous resurgence of mac and cheese as gourmet fare. It pops up at dinner parties  and anchors entire restaurant menus.

There will always be a place for mac and cheese in our hearts, which is why our mouths water over this new recipe, which brings kale, mushrooms,

Durham Chefs
Raise the Bar
in Vegan Challenge

February 3rd, 2014

Call it the law of tastebuds: when seasoned chefs resolve to bring their culinary skills to a healthy challenge, everybody wins.

Six restaurants in Durham, North Carolina have thrown their menus into the Vegan Love Challenge, a reprisal of the popular competition hosted by a local Meatless Monday chapter in 2010. The

Philadelphia Group Petitions Schools
to Adopt MM

February 3rd, 2014

A Philly-based animal rights group, the Humane League, is urging the School District of Philadelphia to institute Meatless Monday in its schools. Their campaign comes on the heels of the City Council resolution that officially recognized Meatless Monday in October; but while that motion offered a merely symbolic endorsement, this new initiative would

Perfect For Any Dish: Spicy Lentils a la Auntie

January 27th, 2014

Lentils are positively bursting with protein, making them an excellent addition to any Meatless Monday meal. They’re also an extremely versatile legume, allowing for a mix-and-match approach. This spiced lentil salad can be added to or subtracted from depending on your tastes, but will be sure to satisfy you however it comes out.