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Celebrate National
Nutrition Month by
Cooking With Kids

March 10th, 2014

March is National Nutrition Month, a good time to take a look at your overall nutritional habits that can carry you through the rest of the year. Here at Meatless Monday, we’re marking the occasion by focusing on one group in particular: kids. Getting kids interested in eating nutritious food, teaching families about the

Meatless Monday
Takes Manhattan

March 10th, 2014

Meatless Monday enjoyed a whirlwind tour of NYC’s culinary scene last week, cropping up at events all over the city.

On March 2-4, New York City hosted International Restaurant and Foodservice Show, an annual convention that draws over 16,000 industry professionals. In the category of “Hot Trends,” Meatless Monday took center stage for a

Delicious, Meet Healthy:
A MM Interview
with Ellie Krieger

March 3rd, 2014

If you think cooking a healthy, delicious weeknight dinner takes too much time, then try a recipe or two from Ellie Krieger’s new book, Weeknight Wonders. In less than 30 minutes from prep to table, Ellie’s new collection of 150 dinner ideas will have you preparing entire meals that are faster, and definitely

Celebrate Mardi Gras
with a NOLA Favorite,
Red Beans and Rice

March 3rd, 2014

Tomorrow marks Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, a traditional day of frenzied indulgence before the fasting season of Lent. Millions of households around the country observe Lent every year, abstaining from meats, treats and other luxury items in a gesture of self-denial that goes back millennia.

And what better way to prepare for tomorrow’s

A Walk Through the
Winter Greenmarket
with Alicia Walter

February 24th, 2014

On Friday, February 14, one day after a storm dropped a foot of snow on New York City, Meatless Monday and Alicia Walter, Resident Chef of La Scuola at Eataly NY, pulled on their boots and headed to the Union Square Greenmarket. Our mission was to discover what vegetables are in the market right

Talking TED with
Peggy Neu, President of
The Monday Campaigns

February 24th, 2014

When Meatless Monday founder Sid Lerner wanted to expand the program’s reach, he knew what industry to take his cues from. As a former ad man, Lerner understood the need for smart marketing. In 2008 he tapped Peggy Neu, a fellow advertising executive, to head Meatless Monday’s parent organization The Monday Campaigns. Under her

Meatless Monday Interview:
Dr. Neal Barnard

February 17th, 2014

Dr. Neal D. Barnard, M.D., is optimistic that America is turning a corner. After decades of poor diets and resulting health problems, Dr. Barnard is buoyed by trends like our reduced consumption of meat and a leveling off of some diseases. One of America’s leading advocates for plant-based diets, Dr. Barnard is the founder and

Dr. Oz Touts
Meatless Monday
as Restorative Tip

February 17th, 2014

Dr. Mehmet Oz, on his show last week, promoted a weekly regimen designed to restore energy. Titled “Restart your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days,” the episode shone a spotlight on a disconcerting trend among Americans: namely, our collective sense of exhaustion. But Oz argued passionately that diets can have a profound effect on how

Doctors Without Burgers

February 13th, 2014

Lenox Hill Internist Teaches Meatless Monday Cooking Class

Tonight a group of New York-based doctors will be practicing with the latest medical instrument: a fork.

Dr. Robert Graham, the Interim Program Director of Internal Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, will lead 13 medical residents in a unique cooking course designed to familiarize them with the

The Chew chews on more Meatless dishes

February 13th, 2014

This past Monday, ABC’s The Chew championed Meatless Monday for a third time, dedicating their September 30th episode to a category of “Mighty Meatless Meals” designed to satisfy even the most ardent meat lovers.

Host Clinton Kelly introduced the segment by enumerating some of the key benefits of going meatless once a week,

Meatless Monday Interview: Mollie Katzen

February 13th, 2014

Mollie Katzen continues to inspire. Her new book, The Heart of the Plate: Vegetarian Recipes for a New Generation, is a highly personal, beautifully illustrated continuation of a journey she has been sharing with her readers since the Moosewood Cookbook was released 35 years ago. It’s less a cookbook than a conversation; each chapter features

Benson Brewery: The Movement Enters Cattle Country

February 13th, 2014

This past Monday, when a restaurant in the heart of cattle country embraced Meatless Monday, residents reacted swiftly: they jammed the place.

Benson Brewery, located in Omaha, Nebraska, had a one-hour wait as customers enthusiastically lined up for local, sustainable and delicious vegetarian cooking. And this is why Meatless Monday is good business:

Iran Joins the Worldwide Meatless Monday Movement

February 13th, 2014

The increasing trend of meat consumption in Iran and the Middle East is alarming the region’s nutrition and food activists. If consumption keeps accelerating, it could have serious health and environmental impacts on the Iranian population.

Enter Tehran-based Omega Research Team (ORT), which has taken the bold step ofintroducing Meatless Monday to the country. ORT wants to

New Book Moves Veggies to the Center of the Plate

February 13th, 2014

Nutritional muse Lora Krulak introduces exciting flavors that even hard-core carnivores will find hard to resist

A Hobo Stew for the
Late, Great Pete Seeger

February 10th, 2014

Edgy Veggie columnist Ellen Kanner has penned a moving tribute to folk legend Pete Seeger, who died two weeks ago at the age of 94. It amounts to a rousing celebration of both food and music, and their ability to effect positive social change. In Kanner’s candid view, preparing a meal should call for the