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Split Pea Soup Provencal, a French Favorite

January 13th, 2014


“Condensed split pea soup from a can is probably one of the first meals I learned to prepare, but when I discovered how easily a homemade version comes together, I kicked my can to the curb. This soup is as simple as can be, but this Meatless Monday dish certainly doesn’t lack flavor (even

The Best of 2013, Meatless Monday Edition

January 13th, 2014

Via Apple a Day:

“When I started my Meatless Monday posts three years ago, I wasn’t really sure how long I’d stick with it.  For multiple reasons–nutritional, economical, and ecological–I wanted to commit to cooking one vegetarian meal per week.  In a very short amount of time, I found myself eating approximately half my meals

Fabulous Food Ideas to Make Your New Year Sing

January 13th, 2014

Via So Hungry I Could Blog:

“Going meatless one day a week is a great resolution to make, and it can lead to many other great changes such as losing weight, helping the environment and reducing your risk for diseases. But change can be tough, so we wanted to help by offering some of our

Chef Paul Liebrandt’s Delicious “Garden”

January 13th, 2014

When a chef names his signature veggie dish the “Garden,” you might detect a whiff of ambition. The label denotes an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink quality that practically guarantees size and scope. And that’s exactly what Paul Liebrant, executive chef at The Elm in Williamsburg, delivers.

The Zimbabwe-born cook was inspired by a famously influential dish from the

Parade Picks Meatless Monday for 2014

January 13th, 2014

Parade Magazine touted Meatless Mondays as a winning strategy for staying healthy in 2014, noting that a little creativity in the kitchen can lead to some delicious meatless recipes.

As we hit the halfway point in January, many of us are doggedly determined to keep our resolutions afloat. But if you’re trying to adopt

Best Diets for 2014: Meatless Menus
Dominate U.S. News Rankings

January 13th, 2014

This will probably comes as no surprise to longtime readers and Meatless Monday devotees, but U.S. News & World Report made it official this week. Their “Best Diets” report is out, and readers will spot a common thread: meatless, meat-reduced, and whole foods based programs are topping the charts.

Within plant-based diets, a new category,

Chef Giada De Laurentiis
Reveals the True Feel Good Foods

January 13th, 2014

Celebrity chef and Meatless Monday proponent Giada De Laurentiis, on tour to promote her new book Giada’s Feel Good Food, knows a thing or two about healthy living. She recently chatted with Women’s Health Magazine about how she’s replaced chocolate and sugar with better choices that boost her

Five Ways to Join the Meatless Monday Movement

January 6th, 2014

Making resolutions is human nature. January 1st presents us with a clean slate, a perfect time to try to implement positive lifestyle changes. This year, no less than 120 million Americans will make resolutions, but as in the past, more than half will fail their resolution by Groundhog Day.

At Meatless Monday, we believe

Guy’s Ginger-Carrot Soup Offers Full Flavors in Under an Hour

January 6th, 2014

Via the Food Network:

“While some soups and stews require hours of slow simmering to achieve their fullest flavor, long cooking times aren’t always required, and it’s indeed possible to turn out a ready-to-eat bowl in well under an hour. Guy Fieri’s big-batch recipe for Ginger-Carrot Soup (pictured above) from Food Network Magazine is one

Chilaquiles (Tortilla Casserole) Satisfy the Heartiest Appetites

January 6th, 2014

Via Cooking Channel:

“Chilaquiles is a classic Mexican casserole typically served for breakfast or brunch. Featuring baked layers of tortillas smothered with salsa, cheese and sour cream all topped with fried eggs, it’s particularly satisfying after a big night of partying, but just as awesome for a Meatless Monday dinner…” read more

The New Year Heralds a New Attitude

January 6th, 2014

With beef consumption continuing to fall from a national peak in 2007, caterers, restaurateurs and a host of small business owners are quick to adapt to the meatless trend. According to Harry Balzer, chief food industry analyst of New York-based NPD Group, evolving diets generally reflect one of two priorities: “It either saves money or it

New Year’s Resolution:
Go Mental for Lentils

January 6th, 2014

Via bon appétit:

“With 2014 mere days away and the holidays receding into life’s rear-view mirror, cleanse season is about to be in full effect. Yes, it’s time: time to treat your body less like a pleasuredome and more like, you know, a body. There’s no need for concern, because—and this is something of a

Meatless Monday Ranks on List of Resolutions

January 6th, 2014

Another year, another unfulfilled promise. At least that’s the common conception of New Year’s resolutions, hastily made in the dying hours of the year’s first hurrah. But not every goal demands an overhaul. Some of the best habits are the easiest to implement, ensuring that you’ll stick with them long after the decorations come

Pete Loren Cooks Up An Eggplant To Savor

December 23rd, 2013

From Fox 2 in Detroit

If you’ve never really had a chance to enjoy eggplant, then this segment from Detroit’s Fox 2 was made for you.

The sweet, tender eggplant, coupled with the pasta in basil pesto with Marinara sauce is an unbeatable combination.  Get this recipe courtesy of chef Pete Loren from

Curl Up With a Good (Cook)Book:
The MM Holiday Guide

December 23rd, 2013

If you’re like us, and something tells me you are, you have as many cookbooks on your shelf as novels. Half of them have a permanent place in your kitchen, dog-eared, spotted with bits of flour and drops of olive oil. Others will never make it to the kitchen, and seem more at home on