#1 Recipe Site Introduces Meatless

June 21st, 2009

epicurious_gr_80x90Epicurious, the world’s premiere recipe site, has teamed up with NutritionData, the top nutritional analysis website, to offer weekly meatless recipes every Monday. Boasting a monthly readership of over 1.7 million people, and more than 100,000 recipes, Epicurious is the ultimate destination site for good food.

Partnering with NutritionData, the most respected name in nutritional analysis, was a natural choice for Epicurious. And when it came to putting a name on this meat-free segment, it’s no surprise these heavy-hitters chose Meatless Monday.

To visit the "fruits’ of this partnership, go to Nutrition Data’s "Healthy Dinner Tonight’ feature this Monday. There you’ll find a flavorful and totally nutritious dinner recipe – that supports your health as well as that of the planet. Additionally, you can subscribe to their weekly feature via a standard blogger-reader (RSS feed) or receive the meatless recipe in your email box every Monday. Whichever way you go, you’ll be certain to start your week in a healthy state of mind and body!