South Miami Passes
Meatless Monday Resolution

December 16th, 2013

4.The City of South Miami passed a resolution this month in support of Meatless Monday, citing ethical, environmental and personal health concerns as well as the established benefits of a plant-based diet.

The adoption marks yet another metropolitan participant in a long list that includes Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Aspen, CO.

South Miami bills itself as “The City of Pleasant Living,” so it’s perhaps not surprising that its council would give Meatless Monday official sanction.

The resolution referred to some of the city’s other initiatives, placing Meatless Monday within a context of healthy habits and environmental stewardship. Among them were its Southwest Community Farmers’ Market, its recycling and composting programs, and its membership in the Green Corridor PACE district, which enables home and business financing for energy efficiency upgrades, solar panels, and hurricane hardening.