Media Fans the Movement

October 26th, 2009

The good news about the first public school system in the nation to go meatless – in Baltimore – is spreading. Across every media platform, people are talking about the program, helping the movement grow by leaps and bounds. Last week’s segment on ABC News captures all that’s so powerful and promising about the Baltimore initiative!

We’re seeing the good news pop up everywhere. On television, in newspapers, on websites, on blogs, on Twitter and Facebook, in the letters we receive – to name just a few. We’re thrilled that people are getting behind the Meatless Monday program because it’s ultimately about you – about your personal health and the health of the planet. By adopting it in the way that suits your needs – in the recipes you cook each week at home, or in the meals your school, business or organization prepare, or in the articles or posts you write to your readers – you’re helping spread a vital message that we hope will continue traveling around the world. If you think it’s important for people to cut back on their meat consumption, we invite you to tell your family, friends, work associates, club or church leaders, and school system officials. Let’s all band together to make Monday meatless!