Actress Megyn Price Joins the Movement

May 2nd, 2011

Meatless Monday has once again received the star treatment! Megyn Price, who plays Audrey on the sitcom Rules of Engagement recently introduced the campaign on set. Price announced that she was participating though her official Twitter account, noting that she feared a possible “bacon revolt” from less sympathetic cast & crew. Instead Meatless Monday was a rousing success, as Price reported on her personal blog:

“After much cajoling, begging and wheedling (and MAJOR help from one of our producers), I managed to implement Meatless Monday on the set of Rules of Engagement. I worked with our craft service head honcho, Rhonda, and came up with a plan to satisfy the cast & crew… I thought it was pretty straightforward- eat delicious food that happens to not have meat in it… Later in the day, I heard many positive comments about the whole concept and, of course, absolute raves about the food.”

Both Price and craft services put together a fantastic launch, complete with nutrition facts and fun, informative signs. The cast and crew enjoyed an outstanding menu of Italian stuffed portabello mushrooms, bucatini pasta with roasted garlic, zucchini and sun dried tomatoes, rosemary focaccia, eggplant lasagna and tiramisu for dessert.

Price, who you may also know from the Emmy nominated show Grounded for Life, said she was inspired to instigate change by all the information out there highlighting the benefits of cutting back on meat. “New information necessitates reevaluation. If you open the door and it’s raining, don’t you run back in and exchange your tube top for a turtle neck?” Overall, Price was pleased with her coworkers’ response to Meatless Monday: “As I look back, I’m proud and happy that, even for just one day, the people I work with and love made a huge, positive, healthy change.”

We too would like to thank the cast and crew of Rules of Engagement for joining the movement, with particular appreciation to Megyn Price! She has not only set a positive example for her coworkers, but also for her fans, who will hopefully follow her lead and try Meatless Monday for themselves!