Add Flexibility to Your Diet

April 12th, 2010

flexitarian_chefs_234x145What happens when you bring together the founder of a health and wellness non-profit, an aspiring chef and an experienced designer? The Flexitarian Cookbook is an initiative launched by Halle Tecco, Analisa Shah and Ash Hung that celebrates nutritious, vibrant recipes and healthful living. Rather than keep all the fun for themselves, these three women are calling on volunteers to help them find and test new recipes while raising money for charity.

Tecco, Shah and Hung are filling The Flexitarian Cookbook with recipes that do double duty; most of their dishes can easily incorporate meat or go without. The trio hopes to collect even more recipe suggestions from online fans and bring them to life with the help of their volunteer "Test Chefs’. All proceeds from The Flexitarian Cookbook will go to two worthy charities; the Time for Lunch Campaign (a division of Slow Food USA that is fighting for healthier school lunches) and Yoga Bear (a national non-profit that provides yoga instruction for cancer survivors).

The Flexitarian Cookbook is a wonderful way to add some dishes to your Meatless Monday repertoire! The versatility of each recipe means that you can try a dish one day and then mix up the menu come Monday with the meatless version of your new favorite entree.

The book is scheduled to come out this summer, so there’s still plenty of time to get involved! You can submit your recipe or volunteer information on their website. You can also pre-order the book for a sneak-peak at some of their delicious recipes.