Meatless Monday Advocate Gets Bibi on Board

December 2nd, 2013


Former news anchor Miki Haimovich launched Meatless Monday in Israel.

Meatless Monday is gaining ground in Israel. Spurred by the tireless efforts of former news anchor Miki Haimovich, who launched the program there in 2012, the initiative enjoys greater visibility and has prompted more discussion than ever before.

A year after founding Meatless Monday in Israel, Haimovich met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah at their official residence in Jerusalem to persuade them of the program’s validity. Citing the physical and environmental implications of the dangerous trend towards meat-based diets, Haimovich convinced the PM that Meatless Monday offers a viable path to better health and sustainability.

But Haimovich didn’t stop there. She went on to present the campaign in the Knesset, Israel’s national legislature, which will meet later this year to discuss whether to incorporate Meatless Monday into their cafeteria.

Haimovish emphasized that the purpose of the campaign was not to remove meat as an option, but rather to supplement the menu with worthy vegetarian alternatives.

Reflecting on her many successes, Haimovich expressed gratitude:

“A year after the launch of the campaign in Israel, I feel that the initiative received a significant boost. We were able to connect the lobby ministers and Knesset members from across the entire political spectrum. I am happy to be behind the mobilization and commitment to the environmental, health and moral significance behind the campaign to reduce meat consumption. This is a happy day for me and for all those who support the initiative.”

This marks the first time a head of state has officially adopted the program.

Read more via the Jerusalem Post.