Bistro Brews a Unique Monday Menu

August 30th, 2010

Southern California’s Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens recently announced their decision to join the Meatless Monday movement! The sustainable eatery is one of many across the country that has taken on the campaign in recent months. Each Meatless Monday restaurant utilizes the campaign in their own, unique way, resulting in profitable health promotion that still fits their culinary culture.

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens has always focused on seasonal, sustainable ingredients. The bistro is the largest restaurant purchaser of local, small farm organic produce in San Diego Country and only serves grass-fed, free-range meats. Recently, this eco-conscious eatery decided to up the ante and make Mondays meatless. As CEO and co-founder Greg Koch said on The Stone Blog: “we’re pretty satisfied with the degree to which the Stone Brew World Bistro & Gardens lives up to out ideals. However, there’s always room for improvement.”

The Meatless Monday upgrade means a fantastic new menu full of delicious plant-based options. Koch comments that the changes are not only sustainable, but also “provide yet another healthy, creative outlet for our talented chefs”. This realization that Meatless Monday can serve as an artistic opportunity has inspired restaurateurs nationwide. As a recent TIME magazine article attests, celebrity chefs like Mario Batali and John Fraser now start the week with unique, plant-based dishes that showcase their individual talents. For both chefs, the success of their Monday menu has lead to further exploration of flexitarian fare.

We’re delighted to welcome Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens to the Meatless Monday family! Their focus on creative, detailed menus coupled with their dedication to personal and planetary health will continue to serve them well. We’ll be sure to share the menu as more restaurants bring their individual flair to the Monday table.