Break the Restaurant Chain

March 1st, 2010

The folks that brought you Eat This, Not That, a series comparing unhealthy foods to more nutritious versions of similar snacks, have released their culinary take on the concept in Cook This, Not That. This guidebook is perfect for anyone who just can’t get way from those calorie loaded dishes at chain restaurants, offering healthier, home-cooked versions of America’s most popular dishes.

Cook This, Not That
By David Zinczenko & Matt Goulding
St Martins Press
338 pgs, Dec. 2009

Like all the books in the series, Cook This, Not That is a veritable page turner, with a plethora of colorful pictures and fun facts sprinkled throughout the recipes. What makes Cook This stand out is the way it introduces the beginning cook to unexpectedly healthy, low-cost ingredients. These "secret weapons’ range from the mainstream – a whole grain English muffin with 100 calories and 8 grams of fiber – to the international super-grain quinoa, which is packed with protein but largely underused in the mainstream Western world. International cooking equipment is profiled; there is, for example, a section devoted to the innovative uses for a wok.

Research shows that consistent home cooking leads to a better diet, so start this Monday with the help of Cook This, Not That. Combat your cravings for Egg McMuffins and other fatty fare this week and opt instead for healthy whole grains, plant-based protein and other low fat foods!