Canada Joins The Movement!

November 9th, 2009

Canada maple leaf
The global Meatless Monday movement continues to gain momentum. Britain, Brazil, Holland, Finland and Taiwan have already launched their programs. Now, we’d like to welcome the wonderful people of Canada and congratulate them as they begin their own Meatless Monday!

The Canadian Meatless Monday launched at this year’s Taste of Health convention in Vancouver, Canada. Taste of Health is an opportunity for those concerned with healthy, environmentally friendly food to come together. The convention’s 6,000 attendees welcomed Meatless Monday with open arms.

Nancy Callan, a member of the Board of Directors of Earthsave, and a Meatless Monday advocate, urges Canadians to join the movement:

Unlike many of the solutions to global warming that require government action, Meatless Monday is a tangible personal action that every Canadian can easily embrace. More greenhouse gasses can be prevented by going meatless one day a week than by eating locally seven days a week.

Meatless Monday is quickly gaining popularity in Canada and all Canadians can be part of it! Encourage your friends, family and local restaurants to go meatless on Monday. You can also get involved by contacting the campaign. Remember too that it’s easy to have a Meatless Monday no matter where you live! Sign up for the Meatless Monday pledge to improve both your health and that of the planet!