Chef Paul Liebrandt’s Delicious “Garden”

January 13th, 2014


Liebrant’s inspiration: the original salad by French chef Michel Bras.

When a chef names his signature veggie dish the “Garden,” you might detect a whiff of ambition. The label denotes an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink quality that practically guarantees size and scope. And that’s exactly what Paul Liebrant, executive chef at The Elm in Williamsburg, delivers.

The Zimbabwe-born cook was inspired by a famously influential dish from the south of France called Gargouillou, a creation of Michelen-awarded chef Michel Bras, who used local ingredients that reflected the flavors of his region.

Liebrant’s Garden expands on that notion by changing seasonally and incorporating anywhere from 30 to 50 greens, tubers, roots, legumes, herbs and various fruits. The dish has proved popular among such celebrated diners as Prince Andrew and Lord Rothschild.

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