Crafting the Future of Food with Matthew Kenney

October 10th, 2016

Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Students

Meatless Monday is excited to announce our partnership with Matthew Kenney Cuisine. This collaboration was formed to advance the knowledge and enjoyment of plant-based cuisine worldwide, leading to healthier lives and a more sustainable environment. Chefs Matthew Kenney and Scott Winegard will join Meatless Monday as Chef Ambassadors.

Matthew Kenney is recognized as a world leader in raw, plant-based cuisine. A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, he’s authored a dozen cook books, owns several high profile restaurants and operates raw food culinary academies around the globe – from Venice Beach, CA to Belfast, ME to Miami, FL. In addition to being twice nominated for James Beard awards, Kenny has delivered two TEDx talks, including “Crafting the Future of Food.”

Joining Kenney is Scott Winegard, the Executive Chef for Matthew Kenney Cuisine. For the last 12 years, he’s worked closely with Kenney in exploring new raw food concepts and preparation techniques. Winegard has also worked under Chef Rene Redzepi in Denmark at Noma, which has been named the world’s #1 restaurant numerous times.

To celebrate the joining of two world leaders in plant-based cuisine, Meatless Monday is now featured at Matthew Kenny Cuisine’s renowned restaurants – MAKE OUT in Culver City, CA, Double Zero in New York City and both Plant Food + Wine locations in Miami, FL and Venice, CA. Kenney has created a three-course Meatless Monday tasting menu, including some of his most beloved dishes, such as zucchini lasagna, smoked hummus and his famous cheesecake.

In addition, Kenney’s current passion project is a four-week plant-based Food Future educational course held in Manhattan, the first time he has brought classroom programming to the Big Apple. The curriculum focuses on innovative ideas, methods and philosophies that are currently shaping global culinary cuisine. Each week during this course, students will hear from special guests in the plant-based and sustainable world.

One of these guest presenters was Meatless Monday President Peggy Neu, who discussed the vital importance of reducing meat consumption as well as the success of the global Meatless Monday movement. The Food Future session was rounded out by a Meatless Monday Quick-Fire Challenge, where students had to reinterpret traditional dishes turning them into plant-based raw recipes.

With extraordinary submissions from all 18 student chefs, the judges awarded first, second and third place prizes to their favorite dishes.

Stay tuned for these recipes in the coming weeks and check out this video of the Meatless Monday Challenge: