Croatia welcomes Meatless Monday for better health

June 14th, 2010

Meatless Monday CroatiaThe mayor of Croatia’s capital city has signed a declaration making Mondays meatless, bringing a better understanding of healthy eating to citizens of all ages. The culinary tradition of Croatia is meat-heavy, delighting in veal and pheasant, which is precisely why this Mediterranean country has decided to embrace the Meatless Monday movement!

The 4.5 million residents of Croatia face many of the same health concerns that Americans do. The majority of Croatian adults are overweight and at risk for high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. As in the states, officials have decided that Meatless Monday is a fantastic way to educate the population about healthy habits.

The mayor of Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city, recently signed a “Green Monday” declaration, making Monday the day to focus on nutrition and plant-based foods. According to the announcement, the mayor hopes that going meatless on Monday will bring the country’s consumption of fruits and vegetables closer to recommended levels, while reducing instances of preventable disease. Across the nation, Croatians hopes that Meatless Monday will be the healthy stepping-stone that the next generation needs.

We welcome Croatia to the growing, international Monday movement and congratulate them on their decision to focus on health! From Brazil to Taiwan, nations across the globe are pledging to go meatless as people everywhere embrace a diverse diet of plant-based options.