Doctors Without Burgers

February 13th, 2014

Lenox Hill Internist Teaches Meatless Monday Cooking Class

graham&chef copyTonight a group of New York-based doctors will be practicing with the latest medical instrument: a fork.

Dr. Robert Graham, the Interim Program Director of Internal Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, will lead 13 medical residents in a unique cooking course designed to familiarize them with the most recent scientific findings on nutrition and healthy eating. The course is being offered under the joint auspices of New York’s Natural Gourmet Institute and Lenox Hill Hospital, and it will be held on Monday nights to bring attention to the Meatless Monday movement.

Dr. Graham is also the co-founder of “Learn one, Cook one, Eat one,” a nutrition education program that has garnered national recognition. Its objective is to instill in a new generation of doctors the vast importance of a healthy diet.

“In both hospitals and clinical settings,” Graham explains, “doctors often care for patients with medical complications born from lifestyle-related illness, like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and, to an extent, cancer. There are very few programs to teach medical residents—as one of the primary givers of medicine in academic hospitals such as Lenox Hill—basic healthful cooking techniques. With increasing evidence linking diet to health and disease, this partnership between NGI and Lenox Hill Hospital will address the knowledge gap in nutritional education and its impact on illness and wellness.”

Residents will learn techniques from various world cuisines to increase the appeal of vegetarian meals primarily based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, healthy oils, and low-fat proteins. The course will feature eclectic tasting samples every week.

Dr. Graham’s menu tonight includes guacamole with plantain chips, pupusa with tempeh filling, and a chilled poblano soup.

Participating doctors were selected on the strength of submitted essays, in which they discussed how they might apply the principles of the program while addressing food-related issues with their patients.

Want to benefit from Dr. Graham’s perspective? Ask your own doctor about diet and nutrition at your next appointment.