Durham Chefs
Raise the Bar
in Vegan Challenge

February 3rd, 2014

g258258000000000000fb07baa8591288bd23f637250f0113d974d12508Call it the law of tastebuds: when seasoned chefs resolve to bring their culinary skills to a healthy challenge, everybody wins.

Six restaurants in Durham, North Carolina have thrown their menus into the Vegan Love Challenge, a reprisal of the popular competition hosted by a local Meatless Monday chapter in 2010. The goal of the challenge is to introduce customers to the surprising delights of a well-prepared meatless meal, while providing cooks with fresh constraints to tease out their originality and inventiveness.

This year the challenge is being held in February, and in honor of Valentine’s day, the rules reflect the many varieties of love. All dishes must be vegan, of course, to symbolize love of both people and animals. But the dishes must also include a “hidden” element: a vegan ingredient that approximates something non-vegan. According to the competition’s organizers, this stipulation pays tribute to the concept of hidden love.

Diners will have the full month to patronize the restaurants and vote on their favorite submissions. Let the games begin.

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