Edible Aria Makes Food Sing

July 27th, 2009

edible_aria_sampleWriters of all stripes are using blogging to spread the word about Meatless Monday. One of our favorites is Edible Aria, a recipe and news blog that advocates sustainable eating. Ren, the chef, writer and photographer behind Edible Aria offers recipes for organic, unprocessed foods plus pertinent articles and quick cooking tips you can use this Monday. Ultimately, he challenges us to "eat as if our lives depend on it!’

Ren first became an advocate of healthy foods when his daughter alleviated her chronic pain by changing her diet. "I witnessed my daughter rid herself of the symptoms of fibromyalgia’by eliminating processed foods in favor of whole, fresh foods prepared at home.’ Edible Aria’s menu is a testament to this philosophy. It consists of simple ingredients from local, organic sources.

Ren argues you can make sustainable food affordable by "eating locally and seasonally, when foods are at the peak of flavor and nutrition – and typically at their lowest price.’ He recommends learning traditional methods of preservation (like canning, pickling and fermenting) so you can enjoy inexpensive, local foods all year long.

If you’re not used to preparing meals, Ren suggests starting out small. "Learn one or two favorite recipes well enough to teach them to someone else.’ Then you can swap ideas with a friend! Instead of following recipes directly, try changing ingredients to suit your taste. It won’t be long before you’re creating your own original masterpieces.

If you’re looking for inspiration explore traditional recipes from other cultures. Ren argues diverse diets from areas such as the Mediterranean region, India and Latin America all have one thing in common: they’re based on fresh, minimally processed whole foods that contain essential nutrients the standard American diet often lacks.

We fully support Edible Aria’s approach to cooking in your own home. We’d like to thank Ren for sharing his tips on sustainable eating, and for his consistently excellent blog. He’s a true rising star in the food blogging world. Edible Aria now features weekly Meatless Monday recipes. So stop by for healthy, environmentally friendly meal ideas! And, for more of our favorite Meatless Monday blogs, check out our Who’s Going Meatless?