Fight Fall Fat With Monday

November 16th, 2009

fight fall fat with MondayIf you’re in an office, the adorable frosted desserts will appear from some generous colleague. A friendly neighbor may bring over a seasonal pie, or you may find yourself dipping into your kids’ Halloween booty one too many times.

All those extra splurges are starting to leave their mark and the upcoming holidays promise to add their inches. Instead of facing the season with dread, take it one week at a time! Use these tricks to reinvigorate your healthy habits each Monday:

  • GET OUT YOUR CALENDAR – Wipe off the dust, turn to the current month and start planning! Grab a hi-light marker or pen. Mark each Monday. Consider assigning a weekly goal, like “This week start with a family walk” or “Go meatless this Monday.’ And subscribe to our free Healthy Monday tips for inspiration!
  • PAY ATTENTION – We call it Mindful Monday. Did you overdo it this past weekend? Or, did you go for a hike, rake leaves or hit the gym? Build on the positive momentum – or hit the reset button.
  • RALLY SUPPORT – Family events this season are the perfect opportunity to show off your new health habits! Even if your friends and family resist sensible eating and avoid activity, you can set the right example. Good ol’ fashioned parental coercion can help too!
  • ALL OR NOTHING PRINCIPLE – Many of us forgo breakfast and lunch in anticipation of a heavy holiday dinner. We hope to save calories, but large amounts of food late at night only maximize weight gain! Instead, start the day with a good protein-rich breakfast and follow with a lighter, nutritious lunch. Snack on fruit if you feel you need to, then enjoy a light evening meal.
  • LEAPIN’ LEPTIN – As autumn sunlight and outdoor activity wanes, our body receives less vitamin D, which is essential for the production of leptin. A lack of leptin will leave you with an increased appetite. Despite a popularly-held idea that meat is the sole source of Vitamin D, you can actually obtain it from legumes, fruits and vegetables. Or go rake some leaves or take a fall foliage hike to catch some rays!

Monday can serve as a powerful "trigger’; a prompt that can help instigate change. Think of it as friend who visits reliably and is always there to get your week headed in the right direction!