Five Ways to Join the Meatless Monday Movement

January 6th, 2014

Making resolutions is human nature. January 1st presents us with a clean slate, a perfect time to try to implement positive lifestyle changes. This year, no less than 120 million Americans will make resolutions, but as in the past, more than half will fail their resolution by Groundhog Day.

At Meatless Monday, we believe there is one resolution you can stick to throughout 2014: one day a week, cut the meat. The benefits of joining the Meatless Monday movement can create a ripple effect: by joining the movement, you are doing something good for yourself, and something good for the planet. By eating more plant based meals, you’ll be lowering your risk of diseases associated with meat consumption. You’ll feel better, you might even drop a few pounds. And you’ll be surrounded by like-minded folks: there is an international, active community of Meatless Monday advocates. Best of all, by joining the Meatless Monday movement and signing up for our newsletter or following us in social media, every Monday in 2014 you’ll get the encouragement you need to stick with your resolution. It’s like having New Year’s 52 times a year.

Meatless Monday is easy to implement. To show you how, we created a list of five ways to incorporate Meatless Monday into your weekly routine. Try one or several this week!


1.       Take a chance on new fruits and vegetables.

Maybe it’s a classic dish you haven’t tried since preschool or maybe it’s an exotic plant that just became available in your region. Whatever it is, it’s not a side of broccoli and it’s not a handful of green beans. There is a world of delicious plant-based food just begging to be explored: try to have fun with your selections. You might surprise yourself.

2.       Include your family in choosing dishes and preparing meals.

shelling peas and snapping beans for green curry

Kids are much more likely to enjoy food that they had a hand in preparing, and including family members in the dinner process is a great way to encourage bonding and conversation. Find family-friendly recipes as well as other tips and tricks at our Kids Cook Monday page.

3.       Try ethnic recipes at home.

 You don’t need to visit the cool new Ethiopian place across town to sample its cuisine; you’ll find many of the ingredients it uses at your local grocery store. Try something adventurous at home and you just might cook up a new weekly staple.

4.       Try a new restaurant or a veggie dish at your favorite restaurant.

 More restaurants than ever are committing to Meatless Monday. Consult our list to see if your favorite place has, too. If not, remember that most popular restaurants have at least a few vegetarian options. If you like their chicken, you might love their vegetable risotto!

z+veg+dinner5.      Host a Meatless Monday meeting or dinner party.  

Get friends or co-workers in on the action by inviting them to contribute a meatless dish. Making Meatless Monday a social activity is a great way to ensure that you’ll follow through–and a great way to have fun in the process. Whether the occasion is a book club, movie night or fancy fete with napkin rings, involving your friends and colleagues will definitely add to your enjoyment.

Kids cooking photo via ThreeFootCooks