Forks Over Knives Brings Health to the Silver Screen

May 16th, 2011

It’s no secret that reducing how much meat you eat can have a positive impact on your health. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer risk can all be greatly reduced with simple switches in diet. Now this message has made it to the silver screen with Forks Over Knives, a new film explaining the connection between what we eat and our overall health.

The film takes us through the careers of acclaimed researchers Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Dr. Campbell is best known for his groundbreaking book The China Study, which identified no less than 94,000 correlations between rates of meat and dairy consumption in rural China and community risk for heart disease, diabetes and various forms of cancer. Similarly, Dr. Esselstyn oversaw a long-term clinical study on diet and heart disease and found that eating plant-based foods not only stopped, but in some cases reversed the condition.

Movie goers will not only see a clear case for the benefits of eating less meat, they’ll get a head start with the help of Meatless Monday! Campaign brochures are available at screenings nationwide so viewers can take the lessons of the film home and share what they’ve learned with friends and family.

For more on Forks Over Knives, including screening locations, please visit their website. And to start bringing more whole, plant-based foods into your diet, check out this week’s recipe for Slow Cooker Corn Chili.