Founder of MM Israel
Awarded Green Globe

July 7th, 2014

MikiHaimovichMeatlessMondayMiki Haimovich—who singlehandedly launched Meatless Monday Israel—was awarded the prestigious Green Globe on June 17 by the Israeli non-profit organization Life and Environment. Miki was one of eleven recipients honored for advancing public health and environmental initiatives.

Miki has a long history with the Meatless Monday campaign. In 2012, Miki met with Prime Minister Netanyahu in an effort to convince him of the program’s worth. Then Miki gained the support of Knesset member Dov Lipman (Yest Atid) and they presented the Meatless Monday model to the Israeli legislative branch, where they made their argument for taking a break from meat on Mondays.

Their hope is they’ll encourage others, create awareness and make participation easier by doing small things like adding more vegetarian options to the menu of the Knesset cafeteria.

meatless_monday_israelMiki’s persistence and grassroots efforts are paying off. She’s gained the support of over 20.8% of the Israeli population and the backing of the Israeli Dieticians Society and Israeli Cardiology Foundation.

Citing reasons such as the environment, personal health, and the moral significance of the Meatless Monday campaign, Miki said “I am happy to be behind the mobilization and commitment of the campaign to reduce meat consumption. This is a happy day for me and for all those who support the initiative.”

And while Miki continues to champion the Meatless Monday model, she also devotes her energies to other positive causes such as increasing voter turnout in elections and lending her voice to a documentary about food waste in Israel. If you’d like to visit the Meatless Monday Israel website, you can find it at: