Give The Gift Of Gardening

December 14th, 2009


It can be difficult to come up with the perfect holiday gift. This year, why not help your loved ones get on the weekly track to better health: less meat, more veggies! Indoor gardening can be a relaxing way to cure cabin fever.

When selecting an indoor gardening gift, look for small yet hardy plants like herbs or dwarf vegetables. Gifts that Bloom offers sets of organic tomatoes, dill, basil and mixed herb – perfect starters for a kitchen garden! Or choose produce or herbs that cater to the recipient’s tastes, such as The Italian Herb Garden, great for the aspiring Italian chef.

Don’t forget to consider the health benefits of your gift. Indoor gardens can provide a needed nutrition supplement during the winter months and can be used to make Meatless Monday meals. This canned wheatgrass garden provides essential amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. Or pick up a chamomile plant to share the gift of soothing herbal tea.

Finally, whenever possible, pick out a container that suits the recipient (feel free to be creative and quirky). offers a wonderful collection of interesting potted herbs, including the adorable Taterpot.