Global Meat Sales Drop As MM Movement Rises

September 5th, 2011

The international Meatless Monday movement is making an impact! A recent report by the trend tracking group Euromonitor International has found that meat free meals are more common now than ever before, thanks in large part to meatless movements around the globe.

Euromonitor reports that increases in meat sales have slowed down considerably, with just a 14% rise over the past six years. The group points to growing health, environmental and budgetary concerns as key reasons for cutting back:

“Consumers have also recently begun to reduce red meat intakes on the grounds of health, safety and sustainability/ environmental issues – as well as a need to reduce overall costs since the start of the global economic recession… Healthy eating is becoming more important for many, and is often encouraged by governments which are keen to improve public health. Such government drives, including those to reduce sodium intake, reduce consumption of saturated fats and sugars, and increase intake of fruits, vegetables and pulses, have all impacted meat consumption.”

Euromonitor notes that this important shift has come about with a helping hand from celebrity supported movements like Meatless Monday. The “celebrity chef phenomenon” has been particularly important, bolstering consumption of fresh foods despite the convenience of processed alternatives. Culinary crusaders like Mario Batali, Oprah, Michael Pollan and Meat-free Monday founder Paul McCartney are spreading the word to a worldwide audience that’s hungry for change. According to Euromonitor, meat free eaters are on the rise in many of the countries that support Meatless Monday, including Taiwan, Brazil, Switzerland, Irsael and the UK.

An increase in accessibility to plant-based foods is another reason for the cut in meat consumption. As food service providers like Sodexo and fast food outlets such as Maoz and Moe’s Southwest Grill continue to offer Meatless Monday specials, global support for the campaign will continue to rise. Euromonitor predicts that:

“A gradually growing population of vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, meat-reducers and ‘vegivores’ is set to consume more meat-free foods than ever before, and become increasingly adventurous in their tastes… with vegetables touted as being ‘the new meat’ and ‘veganomics’ being a key emerging trend, while most of the global population remains staunchly carnivorous, the divide is expected to widen.”

Euromonitor’s outlook is great news, both for the movement and the health of individuals around the globe! Meatless Monday is now in 20 countries worldwide and will only continue to grow as more people see the benefits of cutting back and discover delicious, easily accessible  meatless options!