Governments Worldwide Embrace Meatless Monday

June 13th, 2016

As of 2016, Meatless Monday campaigns are active in over 40 countries around the world. While many of these campaigns are grassroots efforts led by individuals or small groups of motivated individuals, several initiatives are actually official declarations or policies implemented by world governments: Israel’s Knesset, the Taiwan Ministries of Education, Health and Food & Agriculture, the cities of Ghent, Belgium and Barcelona, Spain – all have decided it is in the best interests of their constituents’ health and the health of their environments to go meatless at least one day a week.

Despite common misconceptions about physically active people needing meat for protein, even the Norwegian military and Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense have developed policies that require the provision of meatless meals to their staffs and soldiers on Mondays. The government of China also released new dietary guidelines around reducing meat consumption that are expected to foster the growth of the Meatless Monday movement in mainland China.

All around the globe, governments are beginning to recognize the importance of cutting back on meat, and suggesting Meatless Monday as a reasonable step towards that end is netting positive results!