Hawaii says aloha to Meatless Monday

June 21st, 2010

Curteich Linen Postcard Co. 1943As the Meatless Monday movement spreads across the nation, each state finds their own way of embracing the campaign. Meatless Monday has received a particularly warm welcome in The Aloha State, where locals and vacationers alike look forward to starting the week with healthy Hawaiian fare.

Since April 26th, Hawaii’s premiere natural food store has been sharing the Meatless Monday movement with island residents. Down to Earth has five locations across Hawaii and is committed to offering healthy, plant-based options. Down to Earth began by offering 40% off on select vegetarian options. The resulting spike in Monday sales lead the grocer to expand the initiative, offering additional Monday bargains and weekly blog posts with local recipes and movement news.

Down to EarthDown to Earth also encourages the community to get involved, requesting feedback and customer recipes. Shelly Wilkinson of the Down to Earth blog notes that “joining the Meatless Monday movement has been a great thing! We’re connecting with so many folks and it’s wonderful to work together.”

You don’t have to be a local to get involved in Hawaii’s Meatless Monday movement! The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel showcases the natural treasures of the Kohala district with their restaurant’s Meatless Monday menu. The CanoeHouse’s Chef James Ortiaga carefully selects ingredients that have been grown within 100 miles, creating inspired dishes like garden arugula pesto, eggplant caviar and stuffed spinach quiona.

Make Monday meatless no matter where you live! Enjoy your state (or country’s) unique twist by incorporating local flavors into you meatless meals. You can also make Meatless Monday a community-wide event by hosting recipe demonstrations, potlucks, or nutrition classes each week.