A Hobo Stew for the
Late, Great Pete Seeger

February 10th, 2014


Pete Seeger

Edgy Veggie columnist Ellen Kanner has penned a moving tribute to folk legend Pete Seeger, who died two weeks ago at the age of 94. It amounts to a rousing celebration of both food and music, and their ability to effect positive social change. In Kanner’s candid view, preparing a meal should call for the same reverence as a folk music festival.

“How can singing do all that? The same way making dinner can,” Kanner says. “Sourcing and preparing your meals, sharing them with the people you love changes something in you—it empowers you, it makes you responsible.”

Seeger epitomized the folk movement, which stressed commonality, companionship and communion among all men and women. As Kanner suggests, the culinary world might have found a perfect analogue in the Hobo Stew, a melange of tasty and healthy ingredients that’s affordable and easily prepared.

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