Hold The Meat:
Meatless Monday, a Growing Movement

December 23rd, 2013

From Jerrilyn Zavada, My Web TimesMyWebTimes

JoAnna Lewis-Ludkowski works at the family-owned Outage Bar and Grill in Ottawa, where she occasionally prepares meatless meals.

Because of food allergies, Ludkowski is a gluten-free vegan, which means she eats no animal products.

“I was vegetarian in high school by choice because I didn’t miss meat in my diet,” Ludkowski told The Times. “During pregnancy of my first son, I added meat to my diet when I became anemic. I love to cook, so I do not feel it is difficult to prepare meatless meals, and I enjoy trying new recipes.”

She noted eating out and attending holiday parties present the greatest challenge when trying to maintain a meat-free lifestyle.

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