Indonesia Makes Mondays Meatless

January 17th, 2011

From Canada to Croatia, nations across the globe are taking the pledge and joining the Meatless Monday movement. Indonesia is just one of the countries that has recently brought Meatless Monday home, adding local traditions and dishes to this simple idea for better health.

Indonesia is a country in the Pacific Ocean comprised of over 17,500 islands. It is the worlds fourth most populated country with more than 200 million citizens. Their national motto, “Unity in Diversity” speaks to the wide variety of religions, ethnicities and languages that call Indonesia home.

Indonesia launched their meatless campaign, “Senin Tanpa Daging”, in April, uniting a multitude or cultures in health. The goal of the national movement is “to help people reduce the amount of meat we eat, which will reduce our carbon emissions and help the planet and also improve our health”. Those involved in the campaign have been spreading the word through gala dinner events, radio shows, pledge drives and a group Facebook page, now over 6,000 strong.

The sheer breadth of countries going meatless is a testament to Meatless Monday’s ability to easily fit into many cultures. We at Meatless Monday welcome Indonesia to the ever-growing movement and excitedly await the next country to take the pledge!