Learning to Cook with a Keypad

January 27th, 2014


Chef Chad Sarno

Given the increase in popularity of online education–from beginner language guides to graduate engineering programs–it’s no surprise that cooking classes would soon follow. But Rouxbe, the members-only online cooking school founded in 2005, has taken the trend another step forward by offering an exclusively plant-based course with hundreds of hours of material.

“It’s absolutely massive—it’s everything I know about the foundational cooking principles of plant-based cuisine,” said Chad Sarno, Rouxbe’s vice president of culinary wellness. “It has over 200 videos and recipes, 130 hours of course work—it’s my child, basically.”

“A lot of people are visual learners,” Sarno says.”This shows you trial and error —this is what happens if you cut it wrong, or cook it too long or not enough, all those little critical points cookbooks don’t cover.”

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