Let’s Move It Monday

March 22nd, 2010

lets_move_obama_80x90Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative seeks to help people find ways to incorporate physical activity in their weekly routines. With one in three kids overweight or obese today, the timing is right! The new initiative takes everyone’s lifestyle into account as it redefines the criteria for the President’s Fitness Awards to include kids who have no access to organized sports. What a powerful motivation to Let’s Move It Monday!

Start your week by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or doing lunges next to your desk as an afternoon pick-me-up. Try these tips (pdf) to help you Move It Monday. Or use the plethora of Let’s Move programs to incorporate fitness and good nutrition into your week. Why not take a brisk Monday Mile stroll to one of the farmer’s markets springing up near you. Get in your Monday movement plus learn how those bell peppers, sweet potatoes and green beans got from their farm to your plate this Meatless Monday!