To live longer and healthier,
Dr. Oz prescribes “Meatless Monday”

November 4th, 2013

Dr. Oz claimed that Meatless Monday can help correct the common "triangle" body type

On Thursday, October 31, The Dr. Oz Show offered women with a certain body type a simple prescription to avoid heart disease: Meatless Monday.

During the episode “What Your Body Type Can Tell You About Your Health, Pt. 1,” Oz discussed two common body types, the “triangle” and the “circle.” Triangle body types, he explained, have extra gluteal fat around the hips, butt and thighs. “I have always told you that the fat in your hips, thighs and butt was actually protective, and wasn’t that bad for you,” Oz told his nationally televised audience.

“But this is breaking news. We are just learning that gluteal fat can lead to a thickened heart…. but it doesn’t have to happen to you. The best and simplest way for folks with this shape to prevent heart disease is Meatless Monday.”

To illustrate the point, Oz brought out a guest with a “triangle” body who ate hamburgers nearly every day. The self-proclaimed “Burger Queen” said it would be “impossible” to give up meat even one day a week.

Dr. Oz explained how Meatless Monday can protect her heart, saying “breaking news shows us that the amount of meat you eat makes a difference,”

and demonstrated how subtracting just one day’s worth of beef, chicken, pork or lamb can help. “This fat is called saturated fat, and when you have a lot of fat in your diet, you end up driving up your heart disease risk.” It was enough to give even a Burger Queen pause. When asked whether she could sacrifice meat one day a week, reducing her risk for heart disease by 20%, she eventually admitted, “I think I can do that.” Dr. Oz wrapped the segment by promoting consistency: if you think Meatless Monday is an option, “make sure it’s the same day every week.”

“Circle” body types have other concerns. “If you are like 50% of women who have excess fat around their middle, you have the circle body type,” Oz explained. “This fat around the belly, also known as the omentum, is the most dangerous kind of fat. In fact, new research shows that if your waist measures more than 31.5 inches for women, you may be at more risk for certain cancers.” But similar to the “triangles,” Oz offered a simple way to reduce the risk of cancer: by adding as little as one teaspoon of wasabi to your diet. “Belly fat, which afflicts so many of us, is tied to an increase risk for uterine, kidney, pancreatic and colon cancer.”

For full details on the show, watch the episode here