Love Food, Eat Mindfully

December 22nd, 2009

Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat is a simple eating guide for those who love food! Dr. Michelle May takes an honest look at the relationship between eating and mindset. Eat What You Love has the friendly advice and straightforward answers you need to start your week with a positive mindset.

Eat What You Love
Love What You Eat

By Dr. Michelle May
Greenleaf Book Group
405 pgs, Oct. 2009

Dr. May writes that diets can lead to an obsessive focus on food, causing a pendulum cycle where the dieter swings between overeating and over dieting. She clearly outlines typical eating cycles so the reader can analyze their own relationship with food. By eliminating any self-hatred associated with eating, we can focus on our cravings without guilt. In doing so, we can become mindful eaters who naturally balance our meals. Throughout the book are ‘mindful’ tips to help anyone enjoy eating while staying in the moment.

A diet’s philosophy is to follow the rules set by an expert; Dr. May’s philosophy is to teach us how to be our own body’s expert. This Monday, take Dr. May’s advice and listen to your intuition. Being able to decipher which foods we actually need leads to healthy eating habits that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.