McCartney Urges Europe To Go Meatless

December 7th, 2009

Meatless Monday is sprouting in Europe!Sir Paul McCartney has teamed up with climate change expert Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri to encourage cities worldwide to go meatless on Monday! The duo urged legislators to adopt the program during the "Less Meat = Less Heat‘ hearing at the European Parliament on December 3rd. McCartney cited the U.S. Meatless Monday campaign and our success in Baltimore City Public Schools as a victory in the fight against climate change and hopes that cities and schools worldwide will join the Meatless Monday movement!

During the hearing, McCartney read a letter from former Vice President Al Gore, who is also encouraging people worldwide to go Meatless on Mondays. Gore recently announced 12 Tips that can help reduce climate change and included Meatless Monday as an integral step. In his letter to the European Parliament, Gore noted that “Meatless Mondays is a responsible and welcome component to a strategy for reducing global pollution.”

Indeed, the most powerful resource we have to protect the environment may just be our forks! Though one person, one day a week truly does make a difference, McCartney calls for local governments to step in and really make an impact. "Individuals can only do so much. It is also the responsibility of governments and industries to ensure that sustainable alternatives like plant-based products are widely available and affordable.’

Follow Sir Paul’s lead and help protect the environment this week by having a Meatless Monday! Maximize your impact by encouraging your friends, family and neighbors to try too. Contact us for support and tips on starting a Meatless Monday program in your school or community.