Media Feasts on McCartney Meat Free Monday Cookbook

April 2nd, 2012

Paul McCartney’s Meat-Free Monday Cookbook has made headlines in recent weeks, bringing the Meatless Monday movement and delicious recipes to new audiences around the world. From classic rock fan sites to the Malaysian Insider, the new cookbook has been gaining momentum in a variety of media outlets. The announcement was even made on the Reuters Sign in Times Square!
Since Meatless Monday started in 2003, it has become a global movement, with activity in 22 countries around the world. Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney, the famous founders of the UK’s Meat-Free Monday campaign, released their new Meat-Free Monday Cookbook to offers readers delicious, seasonal comfort foods created by some of the top celebrities in the Meatless Monday movement.

Meat-Free Monday Announcement in Times Square

The book offers complete, seasonal menus for every Monday of the year, with two main recipes and four additional ideas. Options include everything from packed lunches to comforting stews and hearty breakfasts, with contributions from famous supporters like Mario Batali, Woody Harrelson, Vivienne Westwood, Kevin Spacey and Pink.
“The Meat-Free Monday Cookbook is an excellent and welcome addition to the Meatless Monday movement” said Monday Campaigns founder Sid Lerner, “we’re thrilled that Sir Paul is offering even more tools that people can use to make healthier decisions one week at a time.”