Veggies Through the Eyes of a Kid

January 20th, 2014


Matthew Amster-Burton with daughter Iris. Photo courtesy of NYT.

Every parent has had to placate a picky child at the dinner table. Dubbed “the McNugget Route,” it usually involves quick and painless dining options, like junk food. But perhaps parents should give kids more credit. Discover how easy it is to introduce your kids to healthy foods, get them loving a variety of seasonal produce and cuisines, and set them on a lifetime path of better eating. The “Edgy Veggie” columnist Ellen Kanner shows you how in a recent post.

Kanner quotes from author Matthew Amster-Burton, whose novel approach to nutrition involves introducing his daughter Iris to as many cuisines as possible, and trusting her to make the right decisions herself. And he’s discovering that her path to culinary enlightenment can be fun for the whole family. 

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