Martha Stewart Gives Body + Soul To Movement

April 5th, 2010

body + soul's 'How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian'

In the current issue of Martha Stewart’s body & soul magazine, author Jenny Rosenstrach notes that “people who consume a plant based diet weight less, have lower incidence of heart disease, diabetes and many cancers and on average live longer’. Given this knowledge, she contemplates why many meat eaters are unwilling to cut back.

She states that America has a “love affair with meat’; we assume it’s a culinary necessity,  associated with family gatherings and favorite comfort foods. To break our need for meat at every meal, Rosenstrach suggests bringing a bit of fun to the table! Many traditional diets are full of delicious entrees that treat meat as a side dish or eschew it completely. With the help of a few recipe books the meatless possibilities are endless!

Rosenstrach recommends that carnivores use Meatless Monday as a way to ease into healthier habits. Since taking the Meatless Monday pledge herself, Rosenstrach sees the start of each week as an opportunity to discover and enjoy new recipes. She encourages all of use to take the pledge and join her in this celebration!