Gwyneth Goes Meatless

February 10th, 2010


Gwyneth Paltrow informs readers of her website, GOOP, that she now goes meatless on Monday! She got a little help from her friend, Sir Paul McCartney, in making the decision. We at Meatless Monday congratulate Gwyneth for taking on this rewarding (and delicious) initiative!

GOOP’s quirky title is a nickname inspired by Paltrow’s initials. Her mantra is: nourish the inner aspect. GOOP offers a wide variety of insights on everything from the trials of family life to the observations of a seasoned world traveler.

Paltrow’s pursuit of a better planet through food is surely one of the driving forces in her decision to have Meatless Mondays. We hope that you will use Meatless Monday as a vehicle for personal growth as well!