Meatless makes its way to Carnegie Mellon

October 24th, 2010

On October 11th, Carnegie Mellon University officially showed their support for The Meatless Monday Campaign, encouraging students to take the pledge for better health. Known internationally as a top-ranking research, arts and technology school, Carnegie Mellon has always focused on innovative problem solving. Its no wonder then that CMU’s Health Promotions Department is using Meatless Monday to teach students about proper nutrition and healthy habits.

The campaign was launched with a day of Meatless Monday events, including meatless choices in all of CMU’s dining halls, a special announcement in their weekly “Dining Dish” newletter, and a table where Peer Health Advocates helped spread the word with buttons and brochures. Hundreds of students have already taken the pledge and Meatless Monday meals are now being served each week.

The Meatless Monday campaign ties together Caregie Mellon’s larger Healthy Campus and Green Practices initiatives, showing students that they can positively impact their health and the environment with just a simple change in diet. We’d like to thank CMU for spreading health on campus and for joining the list of over 30 colleges who have decided to make Mondays meatless.