Meatless Monday Finds an Audience
at the APHA

November 4th, 2013


Elizabeth Meltz, Mario Batali’s Director of Food Safety and Sustainability, will speak to the benefits of Meatless Monday





The American Public Health Association (APHA) convened its Annual Meeting & Exposition on Saturday, drawing more than 13,000 health specialists to Boston for five days of presentations, exhibits and information sessions across a breadth of public health topics.

One of the world’s leading public health forums, the APHA provides a platform to address current and emerging issues in the health sciences, as well as an opportunity to showcase the most innovative products and services available to an international community of physicians, administrators, educators, researchers and other experts.

Among the conference’s speakers is Elizabeth Meltz, Director of Sustainability for the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group. On Tuesday, Meltz will be discussing the rise of Meatless Monday and its implications for restaurants, arguing that the movement offers a compelling example of how public health concerns and corporate interests can be successfully married. Meltz brings nearly two decades of experience in the food service industry to the table. Her restless advocacy of healthy and sustainable restaurant practices will ensure a lively and relevant presentation.

Other program highlights include “Global Perspectives on Linkages between Dietary Patterns and Health,” “Emerging Issues in Tobacco Control: Harm Reduction, E-cigarettes, and the Role of Product Regulation,” “Local Solutions to the Global Problem of Physical Inactivity,” and the exposition itself, featuring more than 700 booths dedicated to the latest products and practices in public health.