MM, Flexitarianism
Seen As Major Trends

January 27th, 2014

Loaded-Dinner-NachosMeatless Monday is gaining ground in all sorts of communities, and businesses are eager to adapt. Phil Lapp, a co-founder Neat Foods, argues that the rise in popularity of Meatless Monday and “flexitarian” diets more generally are indicative of a major shift in how we think about food.

“We’ve seen a colossal surge in flexitarianism,” he said. “It’s considered a mega-trend by some people in the food industry.” And Neat Foods, which manufactures meat-substitute products from its base in Lancaster, PA, is poised to reap the benefits. Lapp believes that flexitarian programs like Meatless Monday enjoy such immense appeal because they encourage rather than admonish, provide options instead of proscriptions.

“It’s a happy medium where people feel like they’re a part of [the vegetarian movement] without having to give up all their favorite foods,” he said.

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