NYC school goes Meatless Monday, on NY1 TV

March 8th, 2010

PS 361: The Children's Workshop School, New YorkThe Children’s Workshop School is leading the way in bringing Meatless Monday to New York City schools, according to news channel NY1. In fact, Meatless Monday was so easy to implement, that we encourage other schools to embrace the health, budgetary and environmental benefits of offering meatless options in your cafeteria!

PS 361 kids on NY1“We looked at the menus, and asked why are these children eating meat everyday?’ says Children’s Workshop School parent Elizabeth Puccini. "It’s really not healthy for them. We asked our school’s food manager, can we have Meatless Mondays, and the answer was yes!”

Elizabeth encourages other parents to get involved, and form a nutrition committee. From there, it’s all about getting the support of the principal, and meeting with the school foods manager.

We here at Meatless Monday salute concerned parents like Elizabeth Puccini, and welcome the Children’s Workshop School to our movement – encouraging schools everywhere to help improve kids’ health!