Meatless Monday makes Nightly News

February 21st, 2011

ABC 7’s Nightly News has shared the Meatless Monday movement with their audience across New York City and surrounding states, encouraging viewers to use this small change to make a big health difference.

ABC News received a tour of the Monday offices and interviewed Founder Sid Lerner and President Peggy Neu. Mr. Lerner spoke about the reasoning behind the campaign while Ms. Neu explained that the phrase “Meatless Monday” is a simple, memorable idea that enables people to take action. ABC also highlighted the Meatless Monday website, along with the growing list of bloggers who help spread the word by sharing their recipes each week.

Correspondent Dr. Jay Adlersberg noted that Meatless Monday “is taking hold on tables and dining areas locally and around the globe”. To highlight this point ABC News spent some time with Chef John Fraser of Dovetail, where Meatless Monday menus draw a crowd on an otherwise slow day in the restaurant industry.

For more, be sure to check out video of this exclusive coverage: