Your Recipe Playbook for Meatless Monday Night Football

October 24th, 2016

It’s Game Time! Round up your squad for some hearty, healthy eating while watching the Monday night game.

Game Plan:
Three Big Plays that Are Unbeatable


#1. Buffalo Cauliflower Bites


Who needs gristly wings when you can have Buffalo Cauliflower Bites! These tangy, tasty treats are a definite first round pick.

Special thanks to Maria at Bean A Foodie for this crowd-pleasing recipe.

#2. Greek Nachos Recipe


This zesty Mediterranean style dish boasts an all-star lineup. Crunchy tortillas, hummus, green and black olives and crumbled Feta cheese. A salty, sour powerhouse that’s packed with protein.

Special thanks to Rini at the Healing Tomato for this game changer recipe.

#3. Peanut Butter Chili with Pinto Beans


This Pro Bowl Chili will knock your socks off. Rich and savory with lip-smacking seasonings that go the distance. Plus, an ingredient surprise play – Peanut Butter! Extra flavor and extra protein. Add this standout chili recipe to your starting lineup.

Special thanks to Patricia at Mrs. Kitchenstein for this winning recipe. It was awarded first place in Meatless Monday’s Instagram recipe contest with The Natural Gourmet Institute and The Peanut Institute.

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