Happy Bastille Day!
Meatless Monday
Travels to France.

July 14th, 2014

Celebrate Bastille Day by exploring the rich cuisine of the French. What better way to add a little romance to your Meatless Monday? Sure France isn’t exactly renowned for it’s vegetarian options, but here are few recipes that can cut the meat and keep the flavor.

summer_vegBraised Green Beans & Summer Vegetables
It’s summer, why not put it to good use with this seasonal vegetable dish by taking a trip to your local farmers’ market? With this Braised Green Beans & Summer Vegetables recipe from EatingWell, you’ll eat fresh and the recipe requires minimal time over the stove, so you can maximize your time at the table.



lentilFrench Lentils
Lentils are a great source of protein and iron, and evidently a great source of flavor. Here’s a terrific recipe from the Laura Calder, a chef versed in French cuisine, a best-selling author, and a TV personality. It’s French Lentils with walnuts, goat cheese, and thyme. It’s a dish with excellent textures and rich flavors.

What does Laura have to say about food and about life? We’ll turns out it’s pretty inspirational—“Putting pleasure first means that we shop better, we cook better, we eat better, and, by extension, we live and love better.”


french_onionFrench Onion Soup
Here’s a new take on the traditional French Onion Soup—it’s gone meatless, vegan in fact—from Olives for Dinner. This recipe and the blog were largely born out of necessity. Too often Erin found her dietary preferences and flavor lived worlds apart. So she had to make some tweaks and some adjustments.

“My approach to cooking is centered around the strategic selection and application of spices, herbs and oils with other complimentary textures and flavors.” She writes, “I specifically enjoy veganizing classic dishes…” And thus a Meatless Monday-friendly French Onion Soup is born.


ratatouilleRatatouille’s Ratatouille
Ratatouille is a simple dish that is just quintessential summer. Built around the eggplant, zucchini, and summer squash, ratatouille is bright in both taste and color. And this particular recipe is nature-forward flavor from the cook, author, and foodblogger Deb Perelman. One thing interesting about the Smitten Kitchen foodblog is the meals are all concocted in 42 square foot, tiny, New York City apartment kitchen.

“What I’m wary of is: excessively fussy foods and/or pretentious ingredients.” She writes, “I don’t do truffle oil, Himalayan pink salt at $10 per quarter-ounce…”


beetRed Potato and Beet Bourguignon
Yes. Someone was kind enough to take Beef Bourguignon and translate it into vegetable. Thank you, Katie. This new take on a traditional dish retains its richness by mingling the earthy flavors of beets and lentils with the umami richness of mushrooms (certainly elevated with the help of a little Worcestershire sauce).

The recipe is the creation of the imagination of a foodblogger in Alaska. “My mission is to help inspire people to lead kinder lives;” she writes, “lives with less impact on the planet and healthier lives.”


Still not satiated? Here are two more recipes from Parisian chef, Ôna Maiocco of Super Naturelle. Ôna is one of the many talented chefs that supports France’s version of Meatless Monday, “Jeudi Veggie” (Veggie Thursday).

Seitan-Cashew Blanquette features seitan and mushrooms in a soy cream broth.
Petit Salé is a rich brown lentil and tempeh dish.

Vive la Meatless Monday Révolution!