Milton Glaser Creates
a Logo for Climate Change

August 18th, 2014


To put a face on climate change, Milton Glaser, a renowned graphic designer revealed a new logo—a green disk being swallowed by an ominous, smoky gradient.

In 1977, Milton Glaser created the iconic “I [heart] NY” logo that made him famous. At the time NY was nearly bankrupt and overridden with crime. The logo helped to shift perception and funneled a collective pride that encouraged real change.

“I [Love] NY WATER” campaign to promote NY tap water.

I [Love] NY WATER” campaign to promote NY tap water

Now in an attempt to create a similar rallying around a cause. Glaser has designed a logo for climate change. This logo is a central part of an awareness campaign to get people to acknowledge and take action against climate change.

Really Glaser would like to re-brand climate change, as he sees “climate change” or “global warming” as watered-down expressions. Thus the name of the campaign: “It’s not warming, it’s dying.

In an interview with Dezeen Magazine, Glaser said, “There is no more significant issue on earth than its survival. The question is, ‘how can anyone not be involved?'” And so Milton Glaser has given us another image, another opportunity to get involved and a chance to effect real, positive environmental change.

Milton Glaser, recently named the most influential designer by Graphic Design USA

The reveal of this campaign is timely as now New York City is preparing for September’s 2014 United Nations’ Climate Summit and Climate Week NYC. Meatless Monday will be participating in and supporting Climate Week NYC.

Visit to get buttons and support the initiative.