More Money Monday

March 8th, 2010

fab_frugal_food_80x90It’s no secret that going meatless every Monday can cut your grocery bills as well as your waistline, but now there’s a website that demonstrates just how fabulous your frugal meatless meals can be. With its focus on inexpensive yet delectable cuisine, Fab Frugal Food is going meatless every Monday.

who_fabfrugalfood-100x24Fab Frugal Food is written by Anne and her birthmother Donna who connected when Anne was 27, but they found that their mutual love of cooking inexpensive delicious meals gave them an instant bond.  Both boast impressive culinary credentials. Donna is the winner of Cooking Light’s Ultimate Reader Recipe contest and Anne made it to the finals of the Food Networks Ultimate Recipe Showdown with her vegetarian chili.

Fab Frugal Food piggy bankBoth bloggers share their expertise on how anyone can use the same healthful inexpensive, ingredients in new and innovative ways. The mother daughter team authored “101 Things to Do with Tofu’ as a follow up to Donna’s “101 Things to Do with a Tortilla.’ Fab Frugal Food focuses on inexpensive ingredients used produce maximum flavor. Recipes include such mouth watering money savers as Roasted Mushroom Stroganoff and Green Cabbage with Cucumbers and Caraway. After all, as Anne points out, cabbage is only 59 cents per pound, so why not take advantage of this vitamin K powerhouse?