Morningstar Farms Joins Meatless Monday Movement.

January 23rd, 2012

Starting this Monday, January 23rd, Morningstar Farms, makers of over 30 frozen meatless meals and burgers, will be engaging customers with weekly promotions, contests and giveaways.
Individuals can enter to win a kitchen makeover, cookware, cutlery and other tools to make Meatless Mondays easier than ever. Anyone can participate in weekly drawings by visiting the Morningstar Farms website or Facebook page and clicking on the “Meatless Monday Button.” They can also sign up for weekly reminders via e-mail and Twitter. By offering this unique promotion, Morningstar Farms hopes to harness the growing social media support around Meatless Monday to encourage people to take weekly steps towards better health.

Morningstar Farms - Chili Mac Skillet

Morningstar Farms will also include Meatless Monday messages in their consumer newsletters. In addition, they have recruited celebrity trainer and author Kathy Kaehler to offer expert wellness advice. “I’m excited that Morningstar Farms is joining this movement which is already embraced by millions including nationally known chefs, schools, restaurants and whole communities” Kaehler said in a recent Huffington Post article. She and Monday Campaigns President Peggy Neu celebrated the announcement on a satellite media tour, which will hit 25 markets this week.

Meatless Monday President Peggy Neu with Fitness Expert Kathy Kaehler

“It’s great to be working with creative food companies like Morningstar Farms,” says Neu. “Meatless Monday is the perfect concept for them to reach out with a healthy message on a weekly basis.” Join us in welcoming Morningstar Farms to the Meatless Monday movement! For more information on Meatless Monday at Morningstar, please visit, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.