New Study Confirms Continued
Rise of the Flexitarian Diet

August 18th, 2014


According to a new study from Datamonitor Consumer conducted in 24 countries, a third of global consumers are cutting back on meat. This confirms the findings of the April 2014 Meatless Monday study conducted by FGI Research—there is a growing dietary trend toward flexitarianism.

Flexitarians actively seek to reduce the amount of meat they consume (not to completely eliminate it from their diets, very similar to many Meatless Monday readers).

There are a variety of motivations for making this dietary choice. The study revealed, however, that health concerns are the major catalyst. Three out of four consumers are limiting their meat in order to eat more healthily.

The results of this study correspond with the increasing influence of the Meatless Monday campaigns, which are now in 35 countries worldwide.