Jamie Oliver Revs Up Food Revolution

April 5th, 2010

j_oliver_food_rev_234x180In his award winning series Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver enters Huntington, West Virginia a man on a mission- to curb the city’s obesity rate and disease risk by improving the health habits of its residents. With nearly half of the adults obese, Huntington was named the least healthy city in America by the Center for Disease Control.

Oliver starts out his health crusade in an elementary school cafeteria because, as he says “once we change the schools, we can change the whole of Huntington.’ In his school health crusade he is met by defensive lunch ladies and children who are unable to identify eggplants, tomatoes or even potatoes. Certainly a weekly Meatless Monday in the cafeteria would help these kids get to know their fruits and veggies!

Oliver visits the obese Edwards family to improve health within the home. He teaches Justin — a young teenager highly at risk for developing type 2 diabetes — to cook a simple stir-fry. Oliver truly believes that educating the nation’s children will lead to a healthier America; and the kitchen is the perfect place to start! Research shows that families who cook together often are more likely to eat healthier and have a lower risk for obesity. So start this week off with The Kids Cook Monday and make eating right a family night!